Metal fans in Greece were lucky enough to witness a collaboration of godlike awesomeness last night (July 1), as Slayer and Phil Anselmo converged onstage to perform a classic metal anthem. Slayer and Anselmo have jammed together in the past, notably during the most recent Metal Masters clinic, but the Greek crowd was still privy to a rare and pummeling performance of Pantera's 'F---ing Hostile.'

An insane lineup was put together for the Greek bill, showcasing Slayer, Down, Napalm Death, Rotting Christ and Kvelertak. As if a bill that heavy and diverse wasn't enough, shades of Pantera were unleashed during Slayer's set when frontman Tom Araya invited out "birthday boy" Anselmo (his actual birthday was the day before). "Greece -- and everyone from f---ing everywhere, as a grown man growing up with fucking heavy metal -- listen to this close," Anselmo addressed the crowd. "Never in my f---ing life did I ever think I'd be on the same stage with f---ing Slayer, honestly. And I'll say this; Slayer has never needed me for f---ing nothing. Slayer ain't needed nobody for nothing, they never needed me, but you know what? I needed Slayer! Do you understand me?! I needed Slayer!!!"

After Anselmo's speech, the violence began as Slayer and Phil Anselmo tore through 'F---ing Hostile' for the Greek crowd. As the makeshift supergroup unleashed the most face-punching song of all time, the crowd went nuts, and rightfully so.

Anselmo recently spoke to Full Metal Jackie about performing with his heroes during Metal Masters. "I'm up there with guys that I've known since the '80s who have a good five, six years on me of playing music and being successful, people that I looked up to and still look up to," says Anselmo. "The thing is just being up there with those guys is overwhelming enough, but then playing the Pantera songs, don't get me wrong, it feels great, it feels fantastic, and it does bring me back to a very powerful place, a very unique place in history."

Watch Slayer and Phil Anselmo shred through 'F---ing Hostile' in the video above!