Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to rock the hell out to the latest mashup from YouTube favorite Bill McClintock, who has mashed up the blistering licks and musical backing of Prince's Purple Rain favorite "Let's Go Crazy" with the grit, aggression and primary vocals of Slayer's Show No Mercy hard-hitter "Black Magic."

McClintock's mashups have become a hit online, not only pairing up the music but often finding video clips of the artist performances that blend well together (check out past Metallica/Leo Sayer, Nine Inch Nails/Hall and Oates and Danzig/Donna Summer mashups). That's the case here as well as you would swear that Kerry King is actually rocking the Prince riffs at certain points within this latest presentation and Slayer entry onto the concert stage seems perfectly choreographed as if the music was meant to be all along.

Really, the mashup serves as a showcase for some pretty impressive guitar playing, with a variety of solos and heavy riffing thrown in. Plus, it's an era adjacent mashup, with the songs utilized coming about one year apart within the early '80s. Whether you want to mosh or dance, this mashup should have you good to go.

While "Let's Go Crazy" and "Black Magic" form the base of this mashup, McClintock adds a "kitchen sink" element to the pairing throwing in some prime Eddie Van Halen riffage from Van Halen's "I'm the One" and a section of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" as well. And even more Slayer tracks get a little sample with "Angel of Death," "Seasons in the Abyss" and "War Ensemble" added for extra seasoning.

Does this mashup slay? Take a listen for yourself in the player below. And be sure to check out Bill McClintock's YouTube channel for more of his musical pairings here.

Sprayer, "Crazy Black Magic"

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