These Aussie news outlet recently talked with Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison as the band prepared for their shows at the 2012 Soundwave Festival. They talked about everything from odd gifts from fans, to a new Slipknot record, and even a new solo project from Jordison.

The strangest gift from a fan:

I had a gift given to me from a young lady when I was touring with (Rob) Zombie and I was like, 'OK, well, thank you' and I took it back and I opened it up and it had like a weird smell. But it's not what you think what it was, well, it was definitely odd. I used to work in funeral homes, that was my family's business for a long time, so it didn't spook me too much but I was wondering where this person got this from. (Basically, it was a whole person's arm.) It wasn't like an actual arm, just the bones. It was odd, but hey ...

Rumors about Slipknot singer Corey Taylor wanting to quit the band:

I've been in and out of the studio for about six months now that's on the Slipknot record and also on some solo stuff as well. He (Taylor) does want to keep doing it.

Upcoming solo project:

Yeah, I'm gonna be forming a band in the near future with a lot of the material I've been writing lately. I don't want to release too much but I have been in the studio and I think people will be pretty surprised at what I come up with. It's heavy! But (Slipknot) is all I care about right now. We are one of a kind, for sure. No one will ever be like us.

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