Slipknot percussionist Michael Pfaff, most commonly known by the fan-bestowed nickname Tortilla Man, has injured his ankle on the group's headlining European tour and shared an update on the situation.

Injuries are quite common in Slipknot as the the band is known for their physically intense live shows. Sid Wilson famously broke both of his heels after an onstage jump on the 2008 installment of the Mayhem Festival tour, Corey Taylor performed with a neck brace back in 2016 after undergoing spinal surgery for a broken neck... the list goes on...

Pfaff earned his 'Knot merit badge of sorts and, on Instagram, he posted a story (on July 24) that showed off his bandaged ankle propped up on a bag of ice with overlayed text that stated, "SLIPKNOT….if you don't get hurt once in a while, you're probably not doing it right. See you Tuesday, VERONA."

Slipknot's Michael Pfaff - Ankle Injury (July, 2022)
Instagram: @tortilla_pfaff

Following up the story post, Pfaff shared an image of the heavily bruised ankle with marks visible near the heal and above the ankle bone. "Ooopsy. Should have practiced," he wrote, attaching two emojis of crying laughter before confirming he's good to go again. "I’m aight! See you tomorrow VERONA!!!!!!!"

Pfaff first joined Slipknot in 2019 as a live musician in place of Chris Fehn, who parted ways with the group amid a legal dispute that was later dropped. At the time, his identity was a mystery and fans quickly dubbed him Tortilla Man because of his mask's loose resemblance to a burnt tortilla. It wasn't until March of this year that the group officially confirmed his real name is indeed Michael Pfaff, as many clever internet sleuths had already deduced.

Now, he's set to appear on his first studio album with Slipknot as the masked troupe gear up to release the We Are Not Your Kind follow-up The End, So Far on Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, Slipknot's European leg of the Knotfest Roadshow continues and the next North American leg is set to start up in the fall. Get tickets here.

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