1999. My freshman year of high school at Kamiakin. My friend played me a song called 'Spit It Out'. Mind blown. Since that day I have been a Slipknot supporter.

Today a video was posted on RoadRunnerRecords.com called 'Slipknot:0 - Antennas To Hell'. The video features Slipknot's Sid Wilson, or #0, mashing the tracks 'Surfacing' and 'People=S**t' along with performance footage. The description for the video simply says "Coming 07.17.12". So, what is 'Antennas To Hell'? Corey Taylor may have revealed that answer on Twitter this afternoon.

Warning - Video contains explicit lyrics

Slipknot Vocalist, or #8, Corey Taylor is a regular twitter user and recently has been putting the hashtag #HoGaB on his tweets. We'll have to wait a few more days until the revelation of the #HoGaB hashtag, but Taylor did drop some other news:

I think its fair to guess that the greatest hits album will be called 'Antennas To Hell'...or maybe there will be a new DVD coming out with the greatest hits album on July 17th? I'm sure in the next few weeks the full plan will be revealed and we will be probably be seeing more clips and teasers featuring the other members of Slipknot.

What we do know for sure now is that the band plans and has already started the process of a new album and I can't wait for that to be finished. Follow Corey Taylor on Twitter for continued updates with Slipknot.