Slipknot percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan celebrated his 44th birthday yesterday (Sept. 24). Proving it's never too late to begin birthday traditions, Crahan has decided from here forward, he will release one new clown mask every year on his day of birth.

This new mask isn't your standard Slipknot stage gear. The incredibly detailed and realistic mask is a terrifying re-imagining of Crahan's veiled lineage, showcasing sliced-off lips, cheeks and other pieces of skin. Along with a classic clown nose, white make-up and orange hair in a baldness pattern are also featured with the mask.

Crahan introduced Slipknot fans to the very first annual clown mask via the band's website:

Hey Everybody, its clown. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has made my birthday today a special day. It means a lot to have everyone reach out and say everything that has been said thus far.

I feel being 44 years old today is the beginning of a new era for myself for whatever reason. I decided that every year on my birthday I'm going to release a new clown mask. As you know I've tried to get some masks out to the public and it hasn't quite yet added up to everything I wanted to be. Now I'm collaborating with a friend named Jason Kain and we are going to bring you the new way in clownology.

Go check it out here: Clown001

I just put them up today. I'm going to put masks out every year with a new story. Clown001 is starting it all off. In the near future you will receive the story behind clown001.

Again thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes and for my birthday I want all of you to take some sort of artistic photo today.

Be safe. Have a great day. Live your life. Peace.


As for further mask details, Apocalyptic Nightmare has got the entire procedure covered. "This mask is made from a high quality casting latex out of a ultracal 30 mold and takes about a day to dry," begins the description. "After it dries it is then seemed and cleaned for painting. Each mask is hand painted so there will be slight differences between masks and it takes anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete.  Every Mask is one of a kind! After painting,  the mask is then sealed and ready for hair. The hair is a crepe hair which is used for traditional mask making, it is mixed and then hand laid to complete the look. It takes about 2-3 days to complete one of these and each one is made with care which gives you the fans/customers a great unique piece that can be worn or displayed for years to come."

Clown Mask 001 is currently being sold for $500, with only a total of 50 masks being released. To grab one of the limited edition terror-inducers for this year's Halloween, head over to Apocalyptic Nightmare.

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