I remember for a time growing up I had a pretty strong desire to be a forest ranger. That all changed when I was 11 and the family I went up to the mountains with to do some winter sledding got their VW bus stuck in a snowdrift. It was really not fun trying to dig deep enough to dislodge that beast and I remember thinking at the time if this is part of the job of a ranger, well, I'll pass thank you very much.

However, if yours is the desire to call Smokey the Bear a colleague, then read on.

Washington State Parks is hiring multiple Park Ranger 1 positions both permanent, and seasonal, across the state.

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The Park Ranger 1 position has the responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s state parks and natural resources, while ensuring the safety and welfare of park visitors. These rangers are limited-commission law enforcement officers, meaning they can issue non-traffic civil infraction notices. The Ranger 1 is also responsible for daily operations and maintaining parks and performs a wide range of duties.

The Ranger 1 position is a stepping-stone for those interested in a career as a park ranger. The monthly salary range is $3,446 - $4,509. The recruitment for these positions is open until filled, but it is in the best interest of candidates to submit their application materials by Jan. 29.

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Successful candidates will be required to attend and pass a mandatory one-week training in mid-May.  This training will include certification in defensive tactics, basic first aid and adult/infant CPR (w/AED), radio communications, legal information and other duties and responsibilities specific to the role of a Park Ranger 1.

Learn more and apply online.

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