It’s a parent’s job to shell out their hard earned money to take their children to see terrible kid’s movies. It’s also a parent’s job to stay sober during those movies, unlike a mom in San Francisco, who chugged half a bottle of vodka during ‘The Smurfs’ movie.

According to reports, Sarah Boushey, 42, took her daughter to see the movie but was so drunk after the flick that “she could not even remember her name when officers pulled her over.” She may have even gotten away with it, if those two pesky cars and that median didn’t get in her way. It’s funny how medians can just pop up out of nowhere after a person finishes half a bottle of vodka in the time it takes to watch a movie with a running time of 109 minutes!

Seriously, this woman couldn’t do the responsible thing and get blind drunk in the comfort of her living room like our parents? At least her daughter could grow up with the silent resentment of having a raging lush of a parent rather than the public embarrassment of her mom’s drinking becoming an international news item.  Please, drunk parents, think of the kids.

Also, dig this Smurfy quote from The Daily Mail:

“I’m not a big fan of the Smurfs, but not enough to drink like that,’ District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told SF Weekly.”

Obviously DA Wagstaffe did not see the The Smurfs. It “blue.”

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