He's a living legend and icon across multiple art forms. He's the one and only Snoop Dogg. Before he became besties with Martha Stewart, Snoop was one of the biggest names in the west coast hip-hop game. The east coast had Biggie and Jay-Z while the likes of Tupac and Snoop Dogg represented the west coast.

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Even though he is well-known for his enthusiasm for marijuana, Snoop has been a busy rapper. Since 1993, Snoop has released 19 albums. That's hundreds of songs recorded. He's released over 175 of them as singles alone. That's a lot of songwriting over the course of his career and he's had some good bars, too.

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The other day, I heard a Snoop Dogg song and had to do a double-take. Then after the doubletake, I had to take a look at the lyrics because there was no way my ears were correct. Did he say Spokane?

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"Conflicted" by Snoop Dogg and Nas features a familiar Washington city.

Snoop's latest album was released in 2022 and features some really good songs. "Conflicted" was a part of the Madden NFL 23 soundtrack, which is where I first heard it. Now, I tried looking into the background of the song, specifically what went into the rhymes. I didn't find much so It could have just been for the sake of rhyming the verse. Here's where Spokane gets mentioned by Snoop.

Bomber jacker in the winter, it's a cold game
I met some East Coast ****** up in Spokane (What up?)
Some of the realest ****** in this dope game

Overall the song is decent. It's no "New Episode" but the Spokane verse makes it memorable for Washingtonians.

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