Robocalls Gone Wild! Is it just me, or you too?

What’s the deal with the robocalls right now? I have gotten the same recorded call from the following numbers in the last 2 hours:


Of course, they start the scam with the same basic voice saying the same basic robotic, monotonous thing…”You’re Social Security number has been compromised, stolen, unlawfully used, etc., etc.”.

I do what I'm told, always without fail, I pull up the number and block the contact, then erase if from my history. No, it doesn’t take long but when I’m getting 5-10 in a matter of a couple of hours it becomes annoying and the time adds up.

A friend of mine has been blasted with a bunch of the same calls, only after the 509, the first three numbers match his phone number, like the ones above match mine. It's all to hoodwink you into thinking it's someone in your area and it gave me a sense of I might know this person for some reason. Silly, I know, but I did answer.

Holy smokes, I kid you not, I'm getting another one as I'm typing this.

Block 509-551-6157. A-holes.

And then there’s the preoccupation in my brain of “What if old people are getting these calls? People that are already confused in their everyday lives, especially now when so many are continuing to be quarantined in retirement and assisted living communities. Do they know that it’s all a scam?”

I just purchased a new washer and dryer and the delivery guy and I discussed this and he said they called about his grandmother’s social security number being breached and she’s been dead for 4 years!

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Now I’ve written this post and spent even more time thinking about and responding to these calls. So, I ask you, why so many and why so many now? Has the coronaviurs decided to mess with us in yet another way? Of course the answer is yes. No one feels normal. We're all vulnerable. And the roboscum know that, so they pounce. Every day seems to bring something else that needs adjusting for us to stay in balance.

So, to all the robocallers out there I say STOP. You’re stupid.

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