I've seen this story a couple of places but people are still talking about it so I want your opinion. Is it OK for people eating out to refuse tips now that Seattle servers make $15 per hour?The story exploded on social media sites after servers and bartenders photos of cards some diners were leaving after paying the bill -- minus a tip.

The card says,

Why I don't tip in Seattle: Economics 101: As you the compensation for your service increases, there is a cost to me as the consumer to pay for that increase. As I have no control over the Seattle City Council's decision to redistribute wealth, I can only exercise the rights left to me.

1) I can choose to not eat out. (Then who would pay your wages?)

2) I can choose to be carrion for the City Council's vultures.

3) I can choose not to tip and explain why and provide a free economics lesson.

It is not about your service."

What do you think? Logical or passive aggressive?

On the one hand, I think it's wrong America has tipping. Other countries don't have tipping. They just pay their staff fairly. On the other hand, America DOES have tipping, and you don't get to rewrite the rules and rob people of money due them because your candidates for city council lost.