A few months ago it looked as if Seattle Supersonics fans might be getting their wish of another NBA team, but the plans to have the Sacramento Kings franchise relocated ran into a roadblock today. ESPN is reporting that the NBA owners' committee has recommended that the team not move to Seattle, but remain in Sacramento.

The recommendation from the league owners committee is just that, a recommendation, and will be sent to the NBA Board of Governors who will be voting on the relocation during the week of May 13. Current Kings owners, the Maloof brothers, have had an agreement with a Seattle based group since January with plans to sell 65 percent controlling interest with plans to relocate the franchise and build a new arena in Seattle.

It's been tough on fans to see the success that the OKC Thunder have had with the last couple players drafted as Supersonics. I think it would be cool to see a franchise or a new team come back to Seattle as I did root for the Sonics a little bit back in the day. Mostly I was a Bulls fan like 80% of the kids growing up in the 90's, plus If we are talking 'home town' or 'local' team, I would see the Portland Trailblazers in the same light as Seattle. The state ties are in Seattle I guess, but they're both about the same distance from the Tri and I like the city of Portland more anyway. Still, I would like to see this deal work out and for the Sonics to be back in the NBA. The fans deserve it.