Its been about 15 years since their last album, "Down On The Upside", and now Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell has confirmed the bands reunion with producer Adam Kasper for a new album in 2011.

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The quartet -- Cornell, guitarist Kim Thayil, drummer Matt Cameron, and bassist Ben Shepherd -- plan to spend as long as necessary to "make an album that we all really love," says Cornell. "We don't have a schedule," he adds. "It's not like we are going to go into the studio and come out when we're finished with an album."

"We're putting the music first," Cornell explains. "The process of writing, recording, and being creative together is the most important thing, not meeting a deadline."

Cornell explains that the band's sessions will be interrupted by his solo acoustic tour this spring -- and some live dates from Soundgarden. "We plan on playing shows for sure -- that's never been in question," he says. "Then when we have some time again we'll get back into the studio."

Soundgarden put out their retrospective album "Telephantasm" in 2010 and bundled the album with the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock video game. This marked the fist time an album had been released with a video game and as a result, become the first album to go platinum on the first day of its release. Made up mostly of Greatest Hits tracks, "Telephantasm" also included the unreleased track "Black Rain".