Fans have already waited 16 years to hear new music from Soundgarden, so what’s a few more months right? As the band’s fans patiently wait for the fall release of their new disc, Universal Music is offering up a sweet grungy treat. In celebration of the Soundgarden reunion, the label is releasing a Soundgarden classic album box set, fittingly dubbed ‘Soundgarden – Classic Album Selection,’ due out in May.

The box set will include the original recordings of four of the band’s studio releases: 1989’s ‘Louder Than Love,’ 1991’s ‘Badmotorfinger,’ and 1994’s ‘Superunknown’ and 1996′s ‘Down on the Upside.’ Also part of the special set is the band’s live record from their 1996 tour ‘Live on I-5’ that they released last year.

In addition to all that music, the albums will include some special perks including new artwork from Josh Graham, a long-time collaborator with the band. It will be a set of mini-LPs in gatefold wallets with booklets.

The box set is a perfect way for bands to get reacquainted with the band, just in time for their new disc.

The band recently debuted their new track ‘Live to Rise’ from ‘The Avengers’ soundtrack, but don’t expect it to be any indication of what the rest of the disc will sound like, according to Chris Cornell, the track was as close as the band has ever come to writing a family friendly song. A stark contrast from the new material that Cornell has described as “pretty far left of center.”

‘Live to Rise’ is available as part of the ‘Avengers Assemble’ soundtrack, due out on May 1, while the ‘Soundgarden – Classic Album Selection’ box set has a May 21 release date in the United Kingdon. A North American date has not yet been announced.