In early June a Spokane artist reserved a parking space, paid for it, then parked a car he intentionally, and humorously, covered in parking tickets. Now he can't make rent because of... wait for it... parking tickets.

It was called "installation art." A car covered in parking tickets was supposed to be eye-catching and whimsical. People's reactions were also part of the art and will be turned into a Youtube video.

But apparently a police officer didn't know and gave him REAL parking tickets. Only he didn't realize it until he received a notice from the city demanding instant payment on more than $250+ worth of tickets!!!

He says he never noticed the real tickets and the city provides a very short window of time in which to contest tickets. So even though he had RESERVED the parking stall and PAID FOR IT, because he didn't fight the tickets within the window of time, he's forced to pay them.