If there's one thing I don't miss, it's dating. The hassle of making plans, the stress of making a good impression, and the inevitability of awkward conversation. Will this restaurant give my date the wrong idea about me? Is this shirt too casual? How much cheese is too much cheese? That's just the stuff you have to worry about on the FIRST date. Ugh.

Apparently single folks are "straight up not having a good time right now" in Spokane.

Responders to a survey by Apartment List reported a satisfaction rate of 14.81%. That's not good. Out of 86 metros studied, Spokane was number 78.

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It was even worse for Spokane singles in a different survey by the same site last year. In a list of 130 metros, Spokane was 118 in terms of dating satisfaction. They got beat by Clevland, Ohio. Let that sink in.


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