Did you know in 2006, a prototype was in the works for a spray-on condom?The idea was that you put your pecker in a portable tube, push the button and it sprays a liquid latex condom on you. Because it's spraying from multiple directions, it was supposed to make the 100% perfect-fitting condom. The project never took off, and was scrapped sometime around 2009. The major drawbacks including dry-time - it could take over 3 minutes to dry on you, which for some was a major killer. A lot of people were also afraid of the canister. It made a hissing noise which was unsettling to some. The plus-sides were unbelievable. Think about not having to fumble around with the packaging or having it break! I've just got a few important questions.

  • Do I have to shave first? No, not my face.
  • Should I grease up first? I'm torn between spray-on PAM and straight-up vegetable oil.
  • Can I spray it on twice?
  • Does it come off like a sock?
  • Should I call poison control if it gets in my eyes? Or do I call Johnson & Johnson?

What do you think - would you have used it?