Staind frontman Aaron Lewis is currently on the road supporting his upcoming solo debut release "Town Line". The first single titled "Country Boy" is far from what he is describing the next Staind album to be.

Listen through Staind's latest album "Illusion of Progress" and then their first album "Dysfunction". Besides the voice, it doesn't even sound like the same band. Every band goes through progression, I get that, but I think "very in-your-face and heavy" is not a way I would describe any of Staind's newest music. I can get into some of the new stuff, even "Country Boy" is an enjoyable song...but I want a new track like "Suffocate" or "Spleen"! I hope to be surprised with their new album, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

In a recent interview with, when asked "What is the band working on for the next Staind album" Lewis said:

Oh it’s heavy. It’s heavy. You know especially now that I’ve kind of picked the path to go down with my solo stuff and not wanting to create a situation where the stuff that was coming out solo and the stuff that might be on a STAIND record were similar. So we are steering clear of any ideas that come out of us that might be of the more poppy or mellow nature, and we’re concentrating on this being a very in-your-face and heavy record.