This might be plausible. Darth Jar Jar.


So the theory says Jar Jar Binks was actually a super VILLAIN in the "Star Wars" prequels, and he was just acting like an idiot in the first one. But yousa and meesa hated the character so much that George Lucas changed his plans and wrote him out of the other two movies (see the Count Dooku storyline which came out of nowhere in Episode II). There are too many "huh" moments not to be at least considered.

The whole point is like with Yoda, he turned out to be super cool but remember how hapless and helpless he seemed in the first few scenes on Degobah in "The Empire Strikes Back"?

What If Jar Jar Binks, a bumbling, poorly-constructed, borderline-racist character was originally supposed to come off like that only to be later revealed as Palpatine's Master?

Watch the 8-and-a-half minute video that makes the case. And when you hear the evidence, it REALLY starts to make sense.

Remember moments when Jar Jar appears to be using the Force and Jedi mind tricks, and also the fact that he's the one who convinces the Galactic Senate to give absolute power to Palpatine, who's actually the evil emperor. Jar Jar is in DAMN NEAR EVERY SCENE with Palpatine, usually standing right next to him.

How about the fight scene near the end where Jar Jar miraculously stumbles and bumbles his way to perfectly stepping on things and swinging weapons around his legs yet perfectly killing everything he's supposed to in the most stupid lucky ways!

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