Washington State legislature is pushing to decrease the minimum wage for teenagers even though they are also trying to raise the minimum wage over all. The bill to lower teenage minimum wage want to allow for a %15 decrease during the summer or "training" months.  Reports say that Senater Michael Baumgartner from Spokane said "If we have the highest minimum wage in the country that means, frankly, it's going to be one of the toughest places in the country to put people to work,". That is what the new bill is trying to do, make teenagers more attractive to hire because of the %15 break for employers

Not everyone is happy with the plan and think it is cheating teens out of wages they deserve. Teresa Mosqueda of the state Labor Council said "This is not about training or giving youth an opportunity. It's simply a race to the bottom in trying to pay workers less". There is no report on when the House and Senate will vote on the bills.