The Washington State Dept. Transportation is pleading with drivers in the 2015-2016 winter: NO STUDDED TIRES!

We are in a bout of mild winters. It's great for driving but sad for snow pack. Without heavy ice and packed snow on the roads REGULAR WINTER TIRES are more than adequate to keep traction on black ice.

Studded tires eat up the asphalt and shorten the life of freeways and roadways. During bad winters they are a "necessary evil" hurting the road tops but saving lives.

But in mild winters they're an unnecessary evil!

DO have your favorite tire center switch out your regular tires for winter tires, BUT NOT STUDS!

They won't be illegal. The regular "window" for when they're allowed will still be place, so do it if you want, but for the good of the community PLEASE DON'T!