What if Steel Panther hadn't been inspired by the glammy hair metal of the '80s? The aspiring rockers could've gone any number of directions, and with a little weed-inspired help we get to see what they may have looked like in their new video for "Let's Get High Tonight."

Steel Panther as a black metal band? Check. Steel Panther as country and western cowboys? Check. How about a poppy boy band with sweet moves? Got it. Heck, they'll even throw on some powdered wigs for you as a classical quartet. Regardless of the genre however, they'll always find time to toke up, which is why it's perfect for the video to arrive on 4/20. Have a look at the Frankie Nasso-directed video below.

"Let's Get High Tonight" is featured on the band's latest album, Heavy Metal Rules, which is currently available at this location. Lyrics for the new song can be found below:

Mom and dad Are out of town
Call the whores it's going down
Let's all fuck Until the dawn Fornicate on the neighbors lawn
Let's get high tonight Let the brain cells fry tonight
Baby let's get high
Snort the coke And pass the bong
Crank the new steel

I've got shrooms And ecstasy
Don't be shy they're gluten free!

Let's get high tonight Let the brain frells sigh tonight
Letʼs get high

Don't worry bout your parents
They ain't here tonight Don't worry bout the law
Cuz there ain't a cop in sight
Don't worry bout the law
Cuz all we got is now Don't worry bout getting high as fuck Cuz I'm gonna show you how
I'm gonna show you how

30 pizzas a bottle Of Dom
Amex card please and thank you mom
Girls lined up all on their knees
Don't jizz on the sofa please

Let's get high tonight

Let the brain cells fry tonight
Baby letʼs get high tonight

Though Steel Panther are currently unable to tour, they have been keeping busy. They recently released the Butthole Burner distortion pedal, complete with a payment plan for those self-quarantined who are looking to watch their finances at this time. Head here for more information.

The group also recently launched an initiative to help out-of-work strippers affected by the global pandemic by posting about their performances on their socials with links for people to virtually “make it rain” from the comforts of their couches. They are also working on a 24-hour digital stream of adoptable pets as part of their Gods Of Pussy Animal Rescue Activation. More information for all things Steel Panther can be found at www.steelpantherrocks.com.

Steel Panther, "Let's Get High Tonight"

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