Steel Panther's yet-untitled third studio album is scheduled to come out later this year! In a new studio update from dazzling vocalist Michael Starr, the singer hopes to release his new Panther piece in September, filling the dry and empty orifice last invaded by 'Balls Out' in 2011.

Straight from the recording studio in lovely Southern California, Starr offers the latest from Steel Panther and their new material. "We're getting really close to finishing the record," begins Starr. "I have only about three more songs left to do and then a bunch of backgrounds and some hoots and hollers, and then a bunch of guitar dressings that Satchel's gonna do. And then we're gonna send it off to the right producer to have him mix it properly."

As Starr apologizes to the album's current producer, who is sitting about two feet from the singer, guitarist Satchel, who is filming the studio update, ponders what the term "guitar dressings" means. "It's kind of like ranch dressing, but totally different," answers Starr. "It's really good when it's in your eyes, ladies."

About the actual quality of Steel Panther's upcoming disc, Starr calls it "amazing" before immediately taking it back. "The record is not that good," admits the singer. "We've got to get another team of writers in here to see what we can come up with, but hopefully it'll be done and we'll have it in your hot little hands by September."

In other Steel Panther news, Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel recently joined the comedic hair metal act onstage during their March 23 San Francisco show at the Regency Ballroom. Demmel performed 'Turn Out the Lights' and 'Asian Hooker' with Steel Panther, so check out footage below along with Michael Starr's most recent studio update!

Michael Starr Studio Update

Steel Panther with Phil Demmel, 'Turn Out the Lights'