For years, any time someone would bring up the subject of real estate, I always said the same thing...I've never been lucky in real estate. My radio career has taken me to many different cities across the United States, and every time I bought a home and had to sell for the next gig, I lost money.

But if you bought a home in the Tri-Cities 10 years ago or even a couple of years ago, you are rolling in the cash. Tri-Cities real estate continues to increase in value and now the average home here will cost you about $450,000.

If you plan on staying here, it doesn't really do any good to sell your house and make a bunch of money, because you're going to have to pay that much to move into another house. But many people have chosen to cash out and leave the Tri-Cities or the state of Washington altogether for cheaper housing and a little money in the bank.

And now that the federal government has decided to raise interest rates demand is even higher because everybody wants to buy a house before the rates go up according to a recent report. Is this going to be a bubble burst one day and prices plummet? I suppose it's possible but it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon.


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