A hearse was stolen outside of a church last night (Feb. 26) near Pasadena, Calif. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shared the news on social media, adding the shocking bit that a corpse was still in the coffin inside of it.

As per the tweet, the stolen vehicle was a Black Lincoln Navigator with the license plate 7ZDG618. The hearse had been parked outside of St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in the 700 block of Rosemead Boulevard in South El Monte, Calif.

CBS Los Angeles reported that the mortician driving the Navigator was dropping a body off at the church when it was taken, with a deceased woman still inside of it. A funeral was occurring when the theft took place, though the authorities confirmed that the service was not related to the woman. The mortician had only been inside the church and away from the vehicle for 15 minutes.

"Out of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one & bring back the deceased person & casket inside the Navigator," the LA County Sheriff's department wrote.

And again, we are left to wonder what on Earth is wrong with people.

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