Dormant since December 2016, the building at 101 S. Gum Street that has featured a casino in one way shape or form for years is now becoming Tri-Cities first attempt at a venue of this nature in 22 years.

Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk

The last attempt sputtered and fizzled out after a couple of months amidst poor planning and protests on the downtown Kennewick Parkade.

That was then and this is now.

Who doesn't love the nudie bar?

Well three dudes are rolling the dice that after 22 years without running it up-the-pole in Tri-Cities, yes, who doesn't love the nudie bar?

City Stars Gentlemen's Club.

Adult entertainment is not allowed downtown, however commercial areas, which Highway 397 near Chemical Drive along Gum Street is, now that's a different story.


There are a set of rules, 11 pages long, that govern this kind of business.

From the innocuous, like lighting, to the specifics of when and where the clothes come off.

A few noteworthy:

*Every manager, owner and entertainer is required to be at least 18 and have a criminal background check before they can start working.

*Anywhere a patron can go needs to be lit well enough to see, and no entertainer can touch a patron “for the purposes of arousing or exciting a patron’s sexual desires.”

*The stage and anywhere the public can go, except for restrooms, needs to be visible anywhere in the building.

*Anyone getting naked needs to be on a stage at least 18 inches above the patron seating area and separated by 8 feet from the public. This separation needs to be enforced with a 3-foot-tall railing.

*Nothing happening inside the club can be seen from outside the club.

Still plenty needs to happen before it becomes a reality.

The building has to be renovated. That means permits, inspections and approvals. Then there's the police, fire and city planning departments.

No liquor license yet, either, and more hoops to twerk through, for sure, too.

At the end of the red g-string tape is Kennewick, where the city has the final yea or nay to drop the hammer. The city is required to either reject or approve a business license within 30 days of submission. So don't get your panties bunched up, yet.

The man behind the curtain whose dream it is to make it happen has lived here since 1989, it's his first business venture here, and that's all he wants to talk about right now.

Go here if you are interested in employment at the establishment that opens in December, maybe.

More here.

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