San Francisco husband-and-wife duo Stripmall Architecture don’t want to be pigeonholed. With each album, Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom transform their electronic dream-pop sound, and their efforts haven't gone unappreciated. With a string of EPs, three LPs and their fourth on the way, Stripmall have been the subject of much acclaim in the Bay Area due to their unique sound and captivating live performances.

‘Suburban Reverb,’ the duo’s fourth full-length release, lands June 18, and we’re offering a sneak peak with today’s free MP3, ‘Unbreakable.’ Between Rebecca’s stellar vocals, which positively drip emotion, and the heavy beats and effects, Stripmall create songs that will keep listeners interested as the twosome continue to adapt and evolve their music.

‘Unbreakabkle’ explores the complicated dynamics of relationships, but discussing the song with, Rebecca offered a straightforward explanation.

“Sometimes you have to ask yourself if the f--ing you’re getting is worth the f--ing you’re getting,” she said. “Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not.”

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