There's no doubt that stripping is entertaining, but is it art? A scantily clad woman recently caused a commotion on a busy road in Florida in the name of performance art, but that didn't stop her from getting arrested and charged with battery and criminal mischief.

According to witnesses, 25-year-old Arlene Mena was first seen directing traffic on State Road A1A in Hallandale Beach while wearing a tank top, cutoff shorts and thigh-high boots. "She looked like a very drunk person," said a pedestrian. No kidding.

Then, Mena threw a traffic cone at a car driven by 49-year-old Dieter Heinrich and caused about $300 in damage. When Heinrich confronted Mena, she spit in his face and a scuffle ensued.

Later in court, Mena, who had just started working as a stripper a few weeks ago, told Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley that it was all a case of performance art gone awry. "With all due respect, I was just trying to do some artwork and the guy misunderstood," she said.

But Hurley was unimpressed with her excuse. "I suggest not wearing boots and doing artwork in the middle of a roadway," he said. "I would start right there and everything will start looking up for you." Words to live by.