A Linden, California High School student decided to get to the bottom of an issue that had affected a number of students throughout the year. While in gym class, students were reporting that money and other items were going missing from their backpacks and bags.

Sophomore Justine Betti decided to take things into her own hands and hide in a locker to catch the culprit. She couldn't believe what she was witnessing as her highly regarded gym teacher went rummaging through students personal items and pocketing cash. Justine explained to KXTV News:

After all the kids left she stayed in there and went through people's backpacks. I saw her take money and then I told people and nobody believed me. I didn't want to believe that she would do something like that because she was so nice, but then she did it.

On February 13, Justine hid in a locker a second time, holding one camera phone with another set up in a second locker to catch the crime in the act. Each camera gives a good enough perspective to see that the teacher is in fact going through student's bags and taking money.

Justine and some of her friends were shocked at what they had just caught on camera and watched the footage over and over before taking it to the principal. He advised them to delete the videos, but they had already been sent to Justine's father. Once something like this goes out to even one person, good luck getting it back, removed, or deleted. Especially once it is uploaded to the internet.

The gym teacher accused of the crime has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is underway by both the school district and sheriff's department. No criminal charges have yet been filed. That decision will be up to the district attorney.