A nation-wide study examined the purchasing power of a minimum wage.They found that because of high cost of living, a $7 hourly wage in Philadelphia and Connecticut is really only worth about $6 anywhere else. You won't believe what they say about Eastern Washington!

Washington state has the highest minimum wage in the nation. Kennewick has the lowest cost of living in Washington (and 5% below the national average). That means a minimum wage job in Tri-Cities has more than $10 worth of purchasing power!

If you're a single mom trying to make rent and pay for education to improve yourself, that's still next to nothing. But for young people, this is great news! It means you can't live better off minimum wage ANYWHERE in America! Maybe the world!

So next time your teenager whines about how they can't wait to get out of Tri-Cities, feel free to put them in their place!