Since the announcement of the Seattle Kraken all I could think about was the jerseys, what are they gonna look like, who's gonna make them, what's the chances I even get one when they come out. I'll have all of those answers and more

The Seattle Kraken has a full roster of players, next up is their brand new stylish jerseys. Or as some fans may call them "Sweaters", it could be difficult getting a new Jersey let alone one of your new favorite players.

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The Kraken jerseys are set to be released on September 15th, as for how they look...well if you tuned into the expansion draft it's no secret that these things are perfect and we all need one...if not two...maybe like 8 depending on the players. The official Jerseys will be made by Addidas but still be getting some fine-tuning before their official release. That's right the jerseys we saw may still be prototypes for what's to come. The Seattle Kraken released an official statement with how long it takes to make the jerseys and the on-ice versions may differ from what we've seen.

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Pictured above is Jamie Oleksiak, one of our first drafted to Seattle rocking a home Jersey from the Seattle Kraken

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Next, is Brandon Tanev wearing the away jersey for the Seattle Kraken. Both jerseys will be available on September 15th but it will most likely be first come first serve. In order to get your hands on one, you'll wanna be on the Seattle Kraken shop website and hitting refresh until you finally get in. There's a slim chance that they could be in stores where official Kraken merchandise is sold. If you want to get ahead of the curve you can join the membership program from the Seattle Kraken and be in line for pre-sale opportunities. This will go live sometime in mid-August so be ready to sign up.


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