You don't hear too many songs where a band actually tackles their own history in the lyrics. But Godsmack have been on quite the ride for nearly 20 years, so frontman Sully Erna felt it was time to set the band's story to music in the title track to their upcoming album, '1000hp.'

Erna recently stopped by the Loudwire studio, and he talked about Godsmack's current single, which offers such autobiographical lyrics as, "Time to Rewind / Back to 1995 / When we were nothing / Walking through the streets of Boston / No one listening." The Godsmack vocalist said he felt that the title and chorus of '1000hp' helped him turn his focus onto the band's history.

"The more I heard the idea of 'taking it to 1000 horsepower' ... rather than it being about a race car or whatever it was, it felt like more about the energy and adrenaline of the band," Erna told us. But he goes much more in-depth than that about the song, as well as the album itself, in our interview.

Check out the video above to get the full story on the song from Erna, and listen to '1000hp' (available at iTunes) in its entirety below. And be sure to catch Godsmack on the Uproar Festival tour this summer. Click the button below for dates.

Listen to Godsmack's '1000hp'

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