If you keep striking out in meeting a good girl, and are meeting the girls you date in the clubs, you need to change your strategy. I am married, but I still know some of the best places to meet a good girl. How do you think I found my wife?

1. One of the best places to meet girls is in the department store -- but not just anywhere in the store. You have to go to either the music/movie section or the home decor section. The "towel" section may seem a little strange, but it is great, trust me!

2. Another great place to meet good girls is to volunteer for an event that means something to you. Whatever cause hits close to home, the girls you will meet at these events will care about the same things, and believe me, She will be impressed that you have a kind heart and that you care about the same kinds of things that she does.

3. If you are into fitness, you can meet good girls at the health supply store. Nothing says sexy like a guy who uses the same protien shake mix!

Whereever you meet these girls, remember one more thing. Do not try some cheezy pickup lines, just try: "Hello." It works the best.