I'm one of many Talking Heads with the story of a fiery fella named Sean Patrick Delvaux.

Sean is 34-years old and he is currently in the Benton County Jail facing a 1st Degree Arson charge after he allegedly, purposely set fire to a home in the 1100 block of W. Kennewick Ave.

Multiple people alerted Kennewick Fire and Police to heavy smoke and flames visible from the structure fire. One witness saw a man named "Sean" allegedly pour gasoline around the house, strike a match, ignite the gas and then flee on foot before the arrival of first responders. It was determined everyone either got out, or there was no one home at the time of the torch.

Kennewick Police Department
Kennewick Police Department

Full Press Release:

04-11-2020 at about 1122 hours Kennewick Police Officers and Kennewick Fire Fighters were dispatched to a residential structure fire at 1120 W. Kennewick Ave. Multiple callers were stating that there was heavy smoke and flames visible from the residence.

Upon arrival, it was determined that all of the occupants of the residence had either evacuated or were not home at the time of the fire.

During the investigation a witness stated that a male named Sean had come to the residence and had allegedly poured gasoline around the outside of the residence and then allegedly used a lighter to ignite the gasoline causing the residence to catch fire. The witness said that Sean fled the area on foot prior to police arrival.

The male was later identified as Sean Patrick Delvaux and is known to the witness and home owner. No one was hurt during the incident and we are actively looking for Sean to arrest him for Arson in the 1st degree. If anyone knows where Sean is or sees him, please contact the police immediately. Sean should be considered dangerous and should not be contacted by anyone other than law enforcement.

This is believed to be an isolated incident and we do not believe that there is any additional danger to the community at this time.

Kennewick Police Detectives are still on scene investigating this incident.

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