Disturbing news is coming out about action star Sylvester Stallone's relationship to his half sister, Toni-Ann Filiti.  It is being reported that Stallone was blackmailed by Filiti for allegedly abusing her for years.  The confidential settlement was reached in 1987, where Stallone agreed to give his half-sister a $2,000,000 lump sum, $16,666.66 per month for the rest of her life, and a trust with $50,000 per year for psychiatric and medical expenses.

Free Beer and Hot Wings took turns guessing what 80's movie star was involved in the controversy.  The guys then went on to talk about whether they see Stallone's new movie or Schwarzenegger's new movie.  Listen to everything they had to say below.

At least Stallone is still built.  Schwarzenegger is kinda fat...  Titch bits. - Producer Joe