Michele Piacquadio

Kennewick police found a woman they suspect was high on "Flakka" -- a synthetic drug similar to meth now spreading across the nation due to its affordability. How could they tell? She was bat crazy!

If there's one thing "Breaking Bad" taught us it's that the quality of meth differs greatly depending on the "cooks." Imagine all the worst cooks switching to a new product and that describes Flakka.

Police say people strip naked, hallucinate, become psychotic and often violent. Remember the TV campaign frying the egg: "This is your brain on drugs"? Well, crank up the heat on that stove and make scrambled eggs.

As a result, authorities say use of the drug is still rare. What's catching a lot of attention is police response to people who are high. Extraordinary caution, and sometimes force, is required dealing with people on Flakka.

Let's hope it doesn't get more popular.