Typically when you have a craving for tacos (which is every waking moment for us), you getting off of your hinder and walking to a taqueria, but all this is about to change. Meet Tacocopter.

This Silicon Valley startup (in beta as of press time) boasts a high-tech business plan — You order a taco on your smartphone, paying online with your PayPal account, and your GPS location is beamed to the dispatcher. Taco artisans create your order by hand and attach them to an unmanned drone helicopter, which flies to your location, drops off the tacos and returns to home base.

If you’re thinking that it’s too good to be true, you’re sadly right – Wired talked to site creator Star Simpson, who admitted that airdropped tacos aren’t coming anytime soon. It wasn’t that hard to believe, though – we do live in a world where you can order pizza from inside ‘World of Warcraft.’ We’re still keeping our eyes on the skies, just in case.

[Via Wired]