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Anonymous Hacked Trump and Gave Out His Info, So We Called Him!
The hacker/activist collective Anonymous declared war on Donald Trump and said they'd hack him. Well, they did (according to some sites). And along with general information about Trump they released his cell number and number of his agent. So, we did what any radio station would do: we called h…
Brian Williams Comments On Donald Trump’s Tweets [FBHW]
Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage the night of the election and several news outlets took notice.  Free Beer and Hot Wings also took notice of something that evening, they watched as Brian Williams tears into Trump on national television.  Williams cataloged all of Trump's tweets…
Aresenio Back Shaking His Finger?
Arsenio Hall was "HIRED" from Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice and now it seems like we might have 'The Arsenio Hall Show' back on the air sometime in the near future. Talk about a climb back into the fame chair!

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