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Meet Tom Grosset — World’s Fastest Drummer [VIDEO]
I read an article that talked about speed metal bands that were writing music that was so fast, they couldn't actually perform the song. Instead, these bands would only use the assistance of drum machines to record their albums. Anyway...It made me wonder who the fastest drummer in the world was. Turns out, this summer at a music conference in Tennessee, the near-decade-old world record was broken
Dream Theater Thank Fans After Winning Loudwire’s 2013 Metal Madness
Dream Theater's fans are a dedicated bunch and the love definitely goes both ways. Band members John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess recently took some time to record video messages to thank their fans for pushing the group's 'Images and Words' album to victory in Loudwire's very own 2013 March Metal Madness competition to determine the best metal album of all-time. Watch both video messages below. Rea