Chad Smith Challenges Will Ferrell to Drum Battle After
Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith stepped out from behind the kit and got in front of a camera to address a situation with Will Ferrell. Apparently the Anchorman star is taking this doppleganger thing to a whole new level and Smith isn't having it.
Meet Tom Grosset — World’s Fastest Drummer [VIDEO]
I read an article that talked about speed metal bands that were writing music that was so fast, they couldn't actually perform the song. Instead, these bands would only use the assistance of drum machines to record their albums. Anyway...It made me wonder who the fastest drummer in the world was. Tu…
Waking Up a Kid With Nirvana’s Breed [VIDEO]
Capturing real life scenarios on camera are always better than scripted action. Especially when kids are involved. From Charlie Bit My Finger, David After Dentist, to the Monsters Gonna Kick My Ass, the amount of views on YouTube that these videos have racked up are proof to that point.

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