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Ryan Leaf shares story of triumph in Yakima this Thursday
After his playing days were finished, Ryan Leaf became addicted to opioids and his life spiraled out of control until he was eventually imprisoned for burglary, theft and drug charges. He has since gained recovery from his addiction and travels the country speaking to communities about his story. He…
Seahawks Fan Trying to Win Super Bowl Tickets from Ellen!
You may recognize her. Not just because she is from the Tri-Cities, but she also had an entry in our 12th Man Showdown Photo Contest to win tickets to the Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisonal game against the New Orleans Saints. Not to take anything away from Braiden Sanders, our contestant who actually w…
Fifth Grade Football Team Supports Bullied Water Boy
The future of our world is looking bright.
Danny Keefe is your typical six year-old from Bridgewater, Mass. He loves football, running around, and supporting his school's football team as their water boy.
Shortly after he was born, Danny suffered a brain hemorrhage that inhibits his speech skills.