fathers day

Kennewick Guy Looking for a Temp Daddy!
When my son told me about Micah Luebbens shenanigans I just had to stop and giggle. Check this out! An ad was placed in Spokanes craigslist and YES! Micah was part of it, along with a few of other 20 somethings that call themselves "The Boys"...
In Honor of Father’s Day Metal Dads Weigh In On Balancing Family and Career
As the day to honor dads around the country descends upon us, Roadrunner  Records caught up with some of their own V.I.P. dads to ask them about the challenges of balancing family life with their day job. There’s always a delicate balance between family life and career. Add to that the touring, traveling, and time away from home that comes with being in a band, and it can be a real juggling act bu