Top 10 Breweries You MUST Visit at Tri-Cities OnTap
Tri-CIties OnTap is coming up on March 19th! It's the brew-fest where you get to buy tickets to a session and enjoy tasting without having to buy scrip or tokens, but just taste as much as you can in your session!
That being said, with 120 breweries at the event, it's hard to know who to tr…
I’m Going to See Motorhead at Coachella!
This year's full lineup for the dual-weekend-three-day festival is expected to be announced sometime this month and could be released at any moment, really. So far a handful of bands have been announced via the Coachella social media outlets and the latest announcement is Motorhead!
Triumph @ The Great American Beer Festival
Earlier this month, some of the best craft breweries in the nation converged in Colorado for The Great American Beer Festival. Along with some of the best ales and lagers, the world's most unapologetic K9 was serving up a few tall glasses of insults and jokes to the beer snobs in their natural …
Watch Dave Grohl’s SXSW Keynote Speech
Dave Grohl is taking over Austin this week as one of South by Southwest's most prominent figures. The musician just had a chance to show off his 'Sound City' documentary for the Austin denizens and is heading to the Austin Convention Center today to give his keynote speech for the music conference. …

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