Animated ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Scores a Commercial Director
Last fall we learned that Sony is plotting an animated Ghostbusters project separate from Paul Feig’s upcoming movie — similar to the studio’s plans for an animated Spider-Man movie that will exist separate from their reboot collaboration with Marvel. Franchise wizards Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been attached to the animated Spidey project for a while, and it appears that Sony has finally secured a director for the animated Ghostbusters film, which also reminds us that Sony is working on an animated Ghostbusters film.
Meanwhile in Canada: Drunk Guy Backflips Over Cop [VIDEO]
Over the weekend, this Ghostbuster decided to take his Halloween weekend to the next level by climbing onto a police cruiser and throwing a backflip over the cop. Amazingly idiotic and awesome all at the same time. This 'genius' Dr. Egon Spengler look-a-like pulled a stunt that would have made Dr. Peter Venkman proud.
Psy vs Ghostbusters — Gangnam Busters Mashup [FBHW]
Hot Wing's favorite Korean pop star, Psy, had his smash hit, Gangnam Style, mashed up with the Ghostbusters theme song.  The Ghostbusters theme has been mashed up several other times, including this awesome version with an AC/DC song. Producer Joe made a huge error when editing the audio and the guys instantly jumped all over him.  Apparently, they get pretty heated when talking about Gangnam styl

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