Major League Baseball

Watch Women Fail at Answering Baseball Question On Jeopardy!
I like to watch Jeopardy! from time to time. I rarely know the correct answers, but when I do and the contestants don't I get a little feeling that I am much more intelligent than I truly am. Thursday night near the end of the episode, a baseball question popped up and the answers were absolutely cl…
Boston Mayor Menino Drops Another Sports Flub [VIDEO]
After 20 years in office, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is in the final months of his fifth term. Although loved by many in Massachusetts, Menino has become known to sports fans for absolutely butchering the names of athletes in his own town. This time, it wasn't the name of an athlete, instead Menino …
Who Will Win the 2013 World Series?
After a 162-game regular season and some thrilling postseason action, the World Series is finally upon us. This year, the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have the honor of battling for Major League Baseball's crown. But who will win it all?

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