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Watch Banksy Prank New York With 'Unknown' Spray Art Booth
On the heels of his interesting Rocket Rebel Attack video a couple weeks ago along with a number of installations all over New York City this month, Banksy pulled off an awesome stunt this weekend.
The world famous street artist set up a pop up booth in Central Park where an older gentleman was selli…
Metallica 'Destroy' New York City's Legendary Apollo Theater
When it was announced that Metallica were to play the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City, fans had no idea what they would be in for. After all, the capacity of the Apollo is 1,506 and Metallica are used to playing shows of 50,000 and above. But with the help of SiriusXM, the band gave fans t…
FBI Foils Plot to Bomb Federal Reserve Building in New York
A man drove from Long Island, New York, into Lower Manhattan earlier today in a van he thought was filled with explosives. He parked the van close to the Federal Reserve building, just a few blocks from the World Trade Center, and planned to detonate it using a cell phone from a nearby hotel.
The exp…
Firehouse From ‘Ghostbusters’ Shutting Down
The New York City firehouse featured in the movie 'Ghostbusters' may soon be shut down due to budget cuts, according to the NY Post.
Ladder No. 8 in TriBeCa is among 20 New York fire stations Mayor Mike Bloomberg has put on the chopping block.