Stuff That’s About to Get Big
Feeling late to the 'Keep Calm' t-shirt party?
I've compiled a list of things that have potential to blow up soon, so if you wanna be cool first, check this out.
Also, hipster is a bad word here.
The Most Overrated Experiences and Trips
It happens all the time, we get jacked up to do or see something, and it just doesn't meet our basic expectations. I've found and gathered a list of things that a notion of people have found to be over-rated. This isn't however, to discourage you from doing these things...
Funniest Pictures on Reddit Today (NSFW)
If you haven't heard of Reddit, you should probably check it out. It's an online social media site where users upload content in the form of links, and texts.
I've found the 20 funniest pictures of the day.
you will never use the internet the same way...
For those of you who have a job, a busy lifestyle, or don't have time to spend countless hours surfing a community built forum that only feeds you the information and news that you want, just stay away from Reddit completely. It's for your own good...