how do you answer "does my butt look big in this"?
It's the dreaded question no man wants to hear "does my butt look big in this"? The fact is men there is no getting around this touchy subject. A company called Quiz Factor did a survey to find out how women really want these questions answered. Ready....
Date a Pacific Northwest Prisoner Via
Having a hard time meeting that special someone? Try looking at your local penitentiary via!
Dating an inmate seems unconventional but I imagine that it has its perks. If you struggle with commitment, but are looking for someone loyal, why NOT date someone at arm's length?!
10 Suprizing Facts About Cheating
I read a study in Women's Day magazine that I found kind of shocking. As we all know cheating is bad, but most people have either cheated or have been cheated on. Here are the 10 facts that were revealed in the magazine that I found quite intriguing.