Hot Water Killing Sockeye Salmon In Columbia River
I am an avid fisherman. When the sockeye salmon started returning from the ocean I was beyond ecstatic! But Mother Nature has a different plan for the sockeyes other than being caught for food! The water in the Columbia River is so hot this summer that a lot of the fish are dying.
Atwood’s NW Guide Service is Rippin Lips
Scott Atwood has been a fan of fishing and hunting since he was a child, and now his childhood hobby has turned into a full time job. Owner of Atwood's NW Guide Service based out of the Tri-Cities he's now fishing 10 to 20 to sometimes 30+ days in a row and he's putting you the guest …
Really Lazy Gifts from Washington
Got family you don't know that well? How much time are you supposed to invest finding gifts for people whose kids you've never seen. You need to simplify. Go with geography gifts: people love receiving Florida oranges, Georgia peaches and New Jersey tanning lotion.