stacy lee

Greatest Baseball Catch Ever
Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I ever get back.I am so excited that it's finally baseball season.
Waste Time At Work Minute [Video]
Here we are it's finally Friday and it's St Patrick's day eve. I don't know about you but I'm ready to party like a rock star plus I am Irish. Here's a how to video to help to celebrate St Paddy's day like a real Irishman!
Cement Suitcase Locally Filmed Movie Seeks $$
Last summer I auditioned for a bit part in a movie called Cement Suitcase to my complete surprise I got small speaking parts in the movie. Apart for being a really cool experience it was also really neat to see how a movie is filmed. I only had 3 or 4 lines but it took hours to do the actual scene&…
Be A Winner in Raise-A-Racquet and Help Local Youth
A lot of people fantasize about being with a professional tennis player. Your wish could come true, for a Saturday morning, if you can win one in an auction.
On Jan. 27, the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament will raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties through a fund…

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